MoveBetter.US is the homepage for movement specialist
Ashley Hyers, M.Ed. Ashley is a certified Alexander
Technique teacher through Alexander Technique
International (ATI). She coordinates the dance program at
Greensboro College. She works closely with actors, dancers
and singers helping them find more efficient ways to move
utilizing the Alexander Technique.

The Alexander Technique is not physical therapy but a
method of identifying lifelong bad habits to help restore the
body to a more balanced state. A more balanced body
moves better.

Whether you are an actor, dancer, singer or athlete, the
Alexander Technique helps you move your body in the most
efficient way possible, relieving unneeded stress and
improving performance.

Sample lessons are available to demonstrate how you can
perform smarter and stronger.

To find out more contact me by email or call
(336) 908-0028.
Move Better
Perform Better
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